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La Coupole - Ivan Wyschnegradsky - Zeiträume Festival Basel

The highlight of the Zeiträume Basel festival was the premiere of the utopian project “La Coupole” with microtonal piano pieces by composer Ivan Wyschnegradsky. I was responsible for the entire visual part of the evening.


22 September 2019 | Concert, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Mercedes Benz - me Convention 2017 - Live Visuals

Watch in HD at vimeo.

On the occasion of the first me Convention outside of SXSW, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, i was responsible for the live visuals for the Robert Johnson Theorie event with DJs Ata Macias and Roman Flügel.

15 September 2017 | Concert, Installation, Movie, Sound | Comments Off

BBB_ - I’d rather be an iPhone

Since the release of their first album ‘i’d rather be an iphone‘ i have been in charge of the visuals system for bbb_.

1 July 2017 | Application, Concert, Installation | Comments Off

Philharmonie Luxembourg - End-of-season Party 2016

End-of-season party logo

I was invited to provide the visuals for the End-of-season party 2016 at Philharmonie Luxembourg on July 2nd.

2 July 2016 | Concert, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Maurizio/Licht - Rainy Days Festival Luxembourg

Sebastian Claren asked me to do the visual part for his composition “Maurizio/Licht” for string orchestra with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop.

30 November 2014 | Concert | Comments Off

Atom™ & Marc Behrens - Bauteile - Goethe Institut Porto

Live concert of BAUTEILE at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Porto with custom built audio- and video applications. (more…)

30 May 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Mouse On Mars - WOW - US Tour

Mouse On Mars are on Tour in the US with updated automated visuals. (more…)

18 February 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Atom™ & Marc Behrens - Bauteile - CTM Festival 2013

For the opening concert of CTM-Festival 2013 with Atom™ & Marc Behrens i built an application that visualizes the play-back of a stereo soundfile in realtime.

22 January 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Mouse on Mars - Parastrophics Live Video

A short video recording of the Mouse on Mars concert at Tauron Nowa Muzyka, August 25th 2012 in Katowice / Poland.

12 January 2013 | Concert | Comments Off

Bosques de mi mente - Sao Paulo - Rojo Nova

On 30th of May piano player Bosques de mi mente and and i will play a second concert in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Again with Rojo Nova, but this time in the Teatro SESC Pompéia, Rua Clélia, 93.

24 May 2012 | Concert | Comments Off





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