Mercedes Benz - me Convention 2017 - Live Visuals

Watch in HD at vimeo.

On the occasion of the first me Convention outside of SXSW, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, i was responsible for the live visuals for the Robert Johnson Theorie event with DJs Ata Macias and Roman Flügel.

Two weeks before the event on 15th of September Ata called me. He originally asked the resident VJ of the Robert Johnson club, Holger Wüst, but just found out his PAL resolution video footage wouldn’t look good enough on those big Mercedes LED screens in the Festhalle venue. As i already had a prepared show from the Philharmonie Luxembourg engagement i thought it should’t be that difficult to adapt it for this show.

But, as it turned out, it was quite a challenge. It took three days alone to find the person who knew exactly which format, resolution, frame rate and pixel mapping had to be sent to the multi screen processor for the LED screens. No off-the-shelf Macintosh computer was able to do this, so i outlined a system that was capable to send one video with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 and three videos with 3840 x 1080, all in sync with a frame rate of 60Hz. I ordered custom PC parts and two big NVIDIA graphic cards in order to built two Hackintoshs, as i was going to use the Max programming language with MacOS.

There wasn’t much time left to prepare the visuals for the show, because i also had to rebuild the software for the pixel mapping and a client / server architecture. My MacBook, residing FOH, controlled the two Hackintoshs, located outside the Festhalle, in a container next to the multi screen processor.

Thanks to Ata Macias & Heiner Blum (Robert Johnson), Bastian Müller (Liganova), Bartosz (PRG), Theresa Dick (Mercedes Benz) and Diane Preyer.

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