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NOVA Cultura Contemporânea

David Quiles Guillâ asked me to do a video for advertising the next Rojo Nova event on TV Cultura in Brasil. (more…)

2 October 2011 | Movie, Screening, Sound | Comments Off

Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt

A new version of my Burial video will be screened on Friday, March 25th at 22:00 at the Metropolis Cinema, Saal 10 as part of the Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt. (more…)

22 March 2011 | Screening | Comments Off

BR alpha TV - Phase 3

Some of my videos are being shown at Phase 3 on German TV. With quite some effort and commitment Maximilian Joseph managed to install a regular screening of music videos and visuals on the BR alpha channel each friday night starting at half past midnight.

26 October 2010 | Screening | Comments Off

Dotmov Festival 2009

One of my visuals is part of the Dotmov Festival 2009. Organized by Shift Magazine the screenings tour all of Japan. (more…)

15 December 2009 | Screening | Comments Off

Institute for Music and Media - Lecture

I am invited to give a lecture at the Institute for Music and Media in D�sseldorf.

26 November 2009 | Lecture, Screening | Comments Off

Academy of Visual Arts Ffm - Lecture

Lecture is cancelled! Will probably be postponed.

I am invited to give a lecture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt.

26 July 2009 | Lecture, Screening | Comments Off

Lithops - Graf - Oberhausen MuVi-Award

The Lithops video won the 3rd prize of the MuVi Award at the 55th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. (more…)

5 May 2009 | Screening | 1 Comment

Lichter Filmtage - Frankfurt

The Lichter / Filmtage Frankfurt will screen most of my videos.

8 March 2009 | Screening | 3 Comments

Kinofest - MNAC Bucharest

At the Museum for Contemporary Art (MNAC) in Bucharest some of my videos will be screened. They are part of the Kinofest which will be from 14. - 16. of November 2008.

9 November 2008 | Screening | 2 Comments

Clip Zone - Kunsthalle Vienna

The exhibition Clip-Zone at the Kunsthalle Project Space in Vienna will show the videos Trioon, Berlin, Prototype 6 and The Videoage (Re-Edit). (more…)

12 August 2008 | Screening | Comments Off





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