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It Is What It Is

Funded by the program Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen from the Hessian Cultural Foundation, I created the artwork “It is what it is.

The daily number of Corona deaths is retrieved from It is calculated how many seconds it takes until another person worldwide has died from the virus. Whenever that happens, the dot at the end of the text is colored red. The color then slowly fades back to white.

Donald Trump said this sentence when he was asked in an interview with Jonathan Swan at the beginning of August 2020 about the high number of deaths caused by the coronavirus in the USA.

Update: Since May 15th, 2023 the API that i used to get the data from is discontinued, so unfortunately it doesn’t work any more.

27 September 2021 | Application, Installation, Uncategorized | Comments Off

BBB_ - I’d rather be an iPhone

Since the release of their first album ‘i’d rather be an iphone‘ i have been in charge of the visuals system for bbb_.

1 July 2017 | Application, Concert, Installation | Comments Off

Michael Riedel - Aftershows [Palais de Tokyo 2013–2015] - Galerie Senn

On behalf of Michael Riedel i installed a new variant of his interactive voice recognition artwork at Gabriele Senn Galerie in Vienna. (more…)

1 July 2016 | Application, Installation, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Michael Riedel - OSKAR Presentation App

For the presentation of Michael Riedels recently released catalog OSKAR Dienststelle developed a software that shows the pages of the book on a spinning virtual 3D surface. (more…)

12 June 2014 | Application | Comments Off

Robert Johnson Getränkeliste revisited

The original electronic Robert Johnson beverages list is part of the exhibition 25 Jahre Kunst und Club: 1988-2013 Of/Ffm at Artspace Rhein-Main in Offenbach.

7 June 2013 | Application, Installation | Comments Off

Atom™ & Marc Behrens - Bauteile - Goethe Institut Porto

Live concert of BAUTEILE at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Porto with custom built audio- and video applications. (more…)

30 May 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Mouse On Mars - WOW - US Tour

Mouse On Mars are on Tour in the US with updated automated visuals. (more…)

18 February 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Atom™ & Marc Behrens - Bauteile - CTM Festival 2013

For the opening concert of CTM-Festival 2013 with Atom™ & Marc Behrens i built an application that visualizes the play-back of a stereo soundfile in realtime.

22 January 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Mouse on Mars - Parastrophics Tour

Mouse on Mars released their new album Parastrophics and asked me to provide the visuals for their international tour. Dienststelle delieverd the APACAV Automatic Parastrophics Album Cover Artwork Visualizer.

26 April 2012 | Application, Concert | 4 Comments

Jan Jelinek - Schleusen

For Jan Jelinek’s performance ‘Schleusen’ i built a small application that allows him to blend smoothly in between up to five images. (more…)

1 October 2011 | Application, Concert | Comments Off





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