As of October 2021 I will be heading the new production studio at the Städelschule in Frankfurt.

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Funded by the program Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen from the Hessian Cultural Foundation, I created the artwork “It is what it is.

The daily number of Corona deaths is retrieved from It is calculated how many seconds it takes until another person worldwide has died from the virus. Whenever that happens, the dot at the end of the text is colored red. The color then slowly fades back to white.

Donald Trump said this sentence when he was asked in an interview with Jonathan Swan at the beginning of August 2020 about the high number of deaths caused by the coronavirus in the USA.

Update: Since May 15th, 2023 the API that i used to get the data from is discontinued, so unfortunately it doesn’t work any more.

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Jan Jelinek was commissioned with a work for the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2020. I assisted with the technical implementation for two installations.

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The second installation by Jan Jelinek shown at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2020 was a matrix printer which constantly printed the result of three search commands of a text/data analysis of Friedrich Hölderlin’s Hyperion novel.

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The highlight of the Zeiträume Basel festival was the premiere of the utopian project “La Coupole” with microtonal piano pieces by composer Ivan Wyschnegradsky. I was responsible for the entire visual part of the evening.

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Watch in HD at vimeo.

On the occasion of the first me Convention outside of SXSW, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, i was responsible for the live visuals for the Robert Johnson Theorie event with DJs Ata Macias and Roman Flügel.
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15 September 2017 | Concert, Installation, Movie, Sound | Comments Off

Daniel Cookney, a lecturer in graphic design at University of Salford / UK, interviewed me about the video for Burial´s ‘Prayer’.
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Since the release of their first album ‘i’d rather be an iphone‘ i have been in charge of the visuals system for bbb_.
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Three artworks of mine are part of the group exhibition “bits’n'bytes‘ at Galerie Martina Detterer in Frankfurt/Main.

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End-of-season party logo

I was invited to provide the visuals for the End-of-season party 2016 at Philharmonie Luxembourg on July 2nd.
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