Artist Michael Riedel asked me to help him with an interactive artwork for his exhibition ‘Jacques comité [Giacometti]’ at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
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11 July 2013 | Installation | Comments Off

The original electronic Robert Johnson beverages list is part of the exhibition 25 Jahre Kunst und Club: 1988-2013 Of/Ffm at Artspace Rhein-Main in Offenbach.
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7 June 2013 | Application, Installation | Comments Off

Live concert of BAUTEILE at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Porto with custom built audio- and video applications. Continue reading this entry »

30 May 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

I was interviewed by Mirto Xenaki and Nota Tsekoura at Be³

30 May 2013 | Interview | Comments Off

Heiner Blum and Eike König invited me to talk about my work at the Robert Johnson Club as part of the RJT Series.
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23 March 2013 | Lecture | Comments Off

I was interviewed by the folks at Cycling `74 who develop the graphical programming language Max.

19 February 2013 | Interview | Comments Off

Mouse On Mars are on Tour in the US with updated automated visuals. Continue reading this entry »

18 February 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

Minus 60° will be shown at Hertz-Festival 2013 in Athens, February 8th - 9th.

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24 January 2013 | Installation | Comments Off

For the opening concert of CTM-Festival 2013 with Atom™ & Marc Behrens i built an application that visualizes the play-back of a stereo soundfile in realtime.
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22 January 2013 | Application, Concert | Comments Off

A short video recording of the Mouse on Mars concert at Tauron Nowa Muzyka, August 25th 2012 in Katowice / Poland.
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12 January 2013 | Concert | Comments Off





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