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Fades is a video installation by Carsten Nicolai which has been shown at Sonambiente 2006 in Berlin.

I sonified the video for him. After the video was produced at Acht Frankfurt it needed a soundtrack that would be in sync with the video. I built a MaxMSP Jitter Patch that analysed the brightness of 18 seperate parts of the video and recorded 18 audio tracks accordingly. Carsten suggested to use white noise as the sound source.

Press Info Sonambiente

Fades is a video installation for a specially designed environment in which the image is not the main attraction. The installation has to do with light and sound as material, not as the content of an image. Extremely fine fog is sprayed into the space, materialising the white light. Where forms turn up on the surface is irrelevant. They already are there beforehand, already in transition. Basic elements grow out of the blackness into the white. In fades, they develop synchronously with the sound, going through a number of linear, logarithmic, parabolic and hyperbolic processes. A mathematical vocabulary is concealed behind sound and image. Fades plays with the idea of �dis-covering� this language, which results from complex combinations of mathematical figures � indicating to us the possibility of a communication beyond the horizon of our understanding, strange and alien enough to become a universal medium. The fades that give the work its title become a metaphor for the ways that language or ideas become conscious for us � in the sense of realisation and enlightenment. The room should be completely darkened. The digital projections run on a hard disk (or equivalent data device). Sounds from a quadraphonic loudspeaker system are synchronised with figures projected in the format 16:9 on the screen. The viewer perceives sound and image at the moment they become audible and visible. This work’s execution orients itself to the given situation. The �black cube� could be interpreted as an old movie house, the extremely fine fog as the screen and the white light as the projection.

7 June 2006 | Installation, Sound | Comments

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