Jan Werner - Rotationsstudien - Oswald Wiener

Today there is gonna be the first presentation of a collaboration with Jan Werner (well, it’s actually him) at the Kunsthaus Muerz in Austria.

Jan was invited by Oswald Wiener to show this for the first time at the Innenschau - Zusammenschau seminar and festivity. Check the PDF.

7:30 PM at Kunsthaus M�rz
Wiener Str. 35
8680 M�rzzuschlag

Rotationen is a compositional series consisting of several separate sound pieces each between a couple of minutes up to one hour of length. These pieces are accompanied by intensely shifting visual patterns which are interpolations of colour fields rotating at a very high frame rate. Those can be projected onto a screen or presented on an led wall.

The music is based on granular frequency modulation techniques and uses spectral shifts to create continously changing harmonic movements. The music is played back on a stereo or quadrophonic speaker system with extra sub bass.

Although the music and visuals are both software generated they are not synced to each other. The phasing effects which are inherent in the sound and visuals are also translated into the spacial set up of the installation. The spectator is in the center of the composition with the optics in front and the sound around him. His effort to bring together the disparate elements is the key to rotationen’s concept of confusing the standards of audivisual preception in an aesthetically appealing way. It’s like a circus of epilepsy.

The visuals only make sense when they are processed in real time with the appropriate frame rate. Videos cannot really translate that. But these clips give a hint:… (to be posted soon)

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