Carsten Nicolai - Sub Vision

From June 18th till August 29th 2005 Carsten Nicolai showed his work “Subvision” at the Akademie der K�nste in Berlin as part of the exhibition K�NSTLER.ARCHIV. Dienststelle was commissioned to program the visualisation and the MIDI triggering of the music instrument.

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For the installation Carsten Nicolai uses the Subharchord, an old electronic music instrument from the GDR which is part of the inventory of the academy. The instrument was refurbished and modified so it could receive MIDI data.

The visualisation is based on some research of Carsten about the german acoustician and information theorist Werner Meyer-Eppler. Meyer-Eppler developed a way to visualize speech through interferences. With the help of Carstens explanations and some photographs of Meyer-Epplers visualisations i instructed Sebastian Gregor to build a patch which would visualize the sounds of the Subharchord in realtime.