Netmage05 - Bologna

Jan and i have been playing at the Netmage05 Festival in Bologna, Italy. It was quite cold there in January. The ancient architecture was very impressive.

I finished the preparation of the visuals in my hotel room where i rearranged the furniture for my needs. I thought it was quite a nice setup with a drawer acting as a table replacement.

The venue was the Auditorium Teatro Manzoni. There were two screens positioned above the first rows of the audience. They had an angle of about 45 degrees to each other. I thougt it was interesting but a bit strange.

Jan had ordered a Mackie 1604-VLZ Mixer weeks before the concert. The organizers confirmed this several times. When the soundcheck at the venue started there was no 1642 Mixer but a giant Mackie 32.8 Bus Mixer, which Jan wasn’t used to. The organizers then tried to get the 1604 from a recording studio far outside of Bologna, but after waiting for an hour Jan arranged with the whopper. Concerning the concert i think his music part was great, while i had some difficulties with my patches.

Robert Henke of Monolake was playing after us one of his Atlantic Waves concerts. He plays together with his mate Deadbeat from Montreal. Robert built a Max Patch of which two versions are running in parallel, one at the festival in Bologna and one in Montreal, Canada, where Deadbeat is located. They sync over the internet. It worked really well, also because the audience can reproduce what action in the user interface triggers which sound.

The next day i got to know Sebastian Roux at the breakfast table, who had a concert with Greg Davies the day before. We both took a walk to the city, climbed a frighteningly tilted tower and we both had kind of a crucial sound experience in this huge cathedral, where a priest held a sermon which was broadcasted over narrow bandwith speakers in the cathedral. His uniform intonation and a reverb of about five seconds in the cathedral made this one of the few really unbelievable sound experiences that i can remember.

Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch have been showing their fascinating Camera Lucida Installation, which lets you directly see sound waves as luminescent patterns in an aquarium. We had to sit about fifteen minutes in absolute darkness before we could see this extremely subtle phenomenon.

Netmage05 DVD

Netmage also released the Netmage05 DVD with Videos of the participating Artists.


  1. [sic/]Triphase (Jen Morris/Marek Brandt): “Organic Debris” (Can-D)
  2. Greg Davies/Sébastien Roux/Mattia Casalegno: “Tildalpool” (USA-F-I)
  3. Vincent Epplay/Antoine Schmitt: “Display Pixel” (F-D)
  4. Patrik Fontana/Emeric Aelters/Pierre-Yves Fave: “Grenze” (F)
  5. Robin Fox “Quatrain” (Australia)
  6. Pirandélo (Claudio Sinatti/Andrea Gabriele, Marita Cosma)
  7. Kristen_/Mzweig: “Lyder” (D)
  8. Bas van Koolwijk/Christian Toonk: “RGB” (NL)
  9. Jan Jelinek/Dienststelle/Karl Kliem (D): “My Favourite Shop”
  10. Dmitry Gelfand/Evelina Domnitch: “Camera Lucida” (Russia-USA)

The DVD will be issued in 800 copies, 500 copies will be given out freely to journalists, professionals, cultural attaché and so on

300 copies will be saled to the public interested, attached with the cataloque, at the cost of 5 euros.

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