Sound X Vision - Japan

DVD 89 min
CD 42 min
Label Gas As Interface
Date 24 September 2004
Distribution Major record stores and book stores
Price 4830 Yen

Sound X Vision is a project that encompasses an exhibition, a DVD and CD (in one package), concerts and artists t-shirts. It was organized by salon magazine in collaboration with Shift and Gas As Interface.

Shusaku Hariya and Ooishi Daisuke of japanese Salon Magazine together with Akira Natsume of DesignEXchange visitet us at MESO in Frankfurt and also came to our Involving Systems / MESO Werkschau exhibition in Linz. They made an interview with me (which is on the DVD) and asked me to do a special music video just for the project. Jan Jelinek sent me some of his latest music from which i chose the track “Lonestar” for the video. They also asked me to design a t-shirt which they would produce and sell in Japan.

The exhibition was located at La Foret Museum from 3.12. - 12.12.2004 but there were also screenings of some of my videos at the Mori Art Museum.

The only thing that i found strange is the graphics design of the DVD.

Official Invitation Letter to the Artists of Sound X Vision 2004:


~ To A New World Where Sound And Visual Merge ~

What is ‘Media Harmony’ that designs the city and the society of our future?

Project Summary

Purpose of the event:
1. To present works - an integration of sound and visuals - from around the world, to stimulate our intuition.
2. To open up a new possibility in the society and in our lives by merging sound and visuals.
3. To find a new point where art and society meet, through technology and creation.

Event schedule: September ~ December 2004 (Total number of days: about 64 days within Japan)

Places for the event:
4 cities in Japan (Tokyo / Osaka / Sendai / Yamaguchi)

Dates and places of each city:
1. Osaka (Cosponsored by graf) Sept. 11 ~ Oct. 3, 2004 at graf media gm, Osaka / Free entry charge
2. Sendai (Cosponsored by Sendai Mediatheque) Oct. 8 ~ 17, 2004 at Sendai Mediatheque (SMT), Sendai / Free entry charge
3. Yamaguchi (Cosponsored by Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media)
November 3 ~ 23, 2004 at Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media (YCAM), Yamaguchi / Free entry charge
4. Tokyo December 3 ~ 12, 2004 at Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo (other events will be held at same time)
Adult 1000 Yen, Student 800 Yen

Structure of the event:
1. Exhibition
Artists from around the globe will merge sound and visuals, creating a space where you can experience new forms of expression.
2. Live events
Live events will be held in four cites, to emotionally experience the fusion of sound and visuals, which expresses synesthesia.
3. Media communication
There will be introduction through television broadcasting, the Internet, and the official guidebook. Multimedia box will be distributed at the same time.
4. Public program
There will be symposiums, workshops, gallery talks, and artist talks during the event.

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