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‘84 Years Film’ is a computer-based film by the artist Tobias Rehberger. The film lasts for 81 years, showing all 3.6 million colors that the computer or projector resp. is able to show streched to 81 years. After ‘81 Years Film’ and ‘86 Years Film’ Dienststelle now programmed the third version of Rehbergers lifetime spanning film series.

A pixel is running from the top left corner of the screen to the right where it is going down one row to go back to the left edge of the screen and so on. While doing so it changes the underlying pixels to the next color. The color difference from one color to the next is very subtle. Having arrived at the lower right end of the screen the color of the pixel changes to the next color and the pixel goes its way back to the top coloring the whole screen again.

At the same time the music track ‘This Is The Day’ by ‘The The’ is played back streched over 84 years.

Official Discription of the Artwork

84 Years Film shows all the colors the video projector is able to show within the period of 84 years. These are 3.600.000 colors in 84 years. One distinct color changes to the next after 12 minutes and 27 seconds. Within the 12 minutes and 27 seconds a pixel of the complementary color runs from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and changes all the 320 x 240 pixels from one color to the next. The colors change in the order of the HSB color system, which stands for hue, saturation and brightness. The hue range is the range which changes most frequently. The next often the saturation changes. The last frequently changes are within the brightness. To understand this more easily imagine an analog clock, where you have hands for seconds, minutes and hours. Attach the hue to the ’seconds hand’, the saturation to the ‘minutes hand’ and the brightness to the ‘hours hand’. Now start the clock and imagine the 24 hours stretched to 84 years. After 84 years every combination of hue, brightness and saturation has been shown, like all combinations of seconds, minutes and hours of a clock would have been occured. The system starts in black and ends in white.

The music track ‘This Is The Day’ by ‘The The’ is being played, stretched to 24 hours time. The technique being used for that is called ‘Granular Synthesis’. The original track lasts 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

18 February 2003 | Installation | Comments

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